Relatives of Bhawani Bala, the deceased in the Bengaluru blast, outside hospital

The initial forensic examination of Bengaluru blast that killed one woman has shown similarities with Pune, Chennai and Bijnour blasts indicating that the group of 5 SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) cadres that is on the run after escaping from Khandwa jail in October 2013 could be behind the incident.Based on telephone intercepts between an ISI official and a handler, the central agencies had sounded high alert for terror strikes on December 8 specifically in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.”Unn logon ko achchhaa project diya hai, kuch din intezaar karo (Those people have been given an important project. Wait for sometimes),” were the precise words of the handler to the Pak-based ISI official.Sources said the initial forensic examination shows that the explosive material was Sulfur-based with concoction of gun powder and a Nitrite compound. It was packed in an L-shape pipe that is used to join two pipes at right angles with rusted nails. Probably an analog clock was used as the timer device.”It seems that the intention was to do a much powerful blast but the explosive material probably got wet resulting in a low intensity blast. The bomb was wrapped in Bangalore edition of a Telgu newspaper, probably with an intention to hoodwink the authorities.Also read: Cops release pics of 5 SIMI suspectsThe modus operandi and the configuration of the bomb is similar to the Pune, Chennai and Bijnour blasts and points towards SIMI but nothing can be said conclusively yet,” said agency sources.Agencies suspect they the same group of 5 SIMI cadres had carried out blasts in Bangalore-Guwahati train at the Chennai Central station that killed a young software engineer on May 1, 2014 and in Bijnour blasts near Faraskhana and Vishrambag police stations in Pune on 10 July, 2014. In all these three blasts ammonia nitrate was the main explosive material while analog clocks were the triggering devise.”We are awaiting CCTV footage results that are being vetted by the Bangalore police and intelligence agencies. Though there were no cameras in front of the hotel, several cameras located on the Church Street could provide clues,” said a home ministry official.Meanwhile, Union home minister Rajnath Singh carried out security review in the aftermath of Bangalore blasts with NSA Ajit Doval and IB chief Asif Ibrahim. The Centre has decided not to hand over the case to the NIA yet as the state government has not asked for it. States have been asked to keep on the look out of SIMI cadres whose photographs were released earlier this month.

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Bengaluru blast: Finger of suspicion points to SIMI