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Urging people to dedicate themselves to formation of an inclusive society in the new year, President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday said the nation should celebrate pluralism and promote tolerance and understanding among all communities.In his New Year message, he also asked the people to maintain maximum vigilance against efforts to disturb peace and security in the country.Against the backdrop of events like violence in Assam, blast in Bengaluru and Hindutva outfits’ campaign on conversions, the President asked the people to abhor violence and promote tolerance and understanding among all communities.”I extend warm greetings and best wishes to all fellow citizens for a happy and prosperous New Year. Let 2015 be a year of peace, progress and harmony,” he said.”Let us abhor violence and maintain maximum vigilance against all efforts, from within or without, to disturb peace and security.”Let us celebrate pluralism and promote tolerance and understanding amongst all communities. Let the New Year be dedicated to the creation of an inclusive society where goodwill and brotherhood prevails among people,” he said.Lauding the number of “new beginnings” and important initiatives launched in 2014, he said We must take these initiatives to fruition. The President said development must reach the poor and the underprivileged across the country. Governance, at all levels, must become efficient, transparent, accountable and citizen-friendly. In view of continuing incidents of rapes, the President said, “We must also ensure the protection of our women and greater gender sensitivity.””Let us work with heart and soul and without distraction, to take our nation to new heights of achievement,” he said in his message.

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Nation should celebrate pluralism, promote tolerance, says President Pranab Mukherjee