Subramanian Swamy has always been known for his strong views. From the National Herald case to the 2G case, Swamy picks up an issue and decides to go for the jugular. This time though, his target is the movie PK. Swamy has accused that PK’s Dubai leg of promotion has been funded by a company called ARY, which allegedly has terror links. To bolster his claim, Swamy has even retweeted a picture where ARY Digital features prominently in the backdrop where the stars are sitting.Just as outrage against PK has gathered steam with right-wing fringe groups taking to the street, Swamy seems to be leading the online charge. He clearly thinks PK has hurt the religious sentiments of people across the communities. He claims that even Sikhs are hurt by the movie as it has disparaged a Sikh as a beggar. Then he gives the clarion call of action to follow. If anyone has any doubts about what action Swamy was referring to, the BJP leader makes it clear that a complaint will be lodged by him on Aamir Khan and company for laundering terrorist finance. He further tweeted different links to show the alleged nexus between ARY and terrorist organisations. Finally, Swamy in his own inimitable style, says that Aamir Khan’s goose is cooked. In all this Swamy has taken the alleged involvement of ARY to corner PK, for being allegedly funded by terror organisations. But going by his tweets and general reactions, ARY may merely be a ruse to target Aamir Khan. Swamy has been somewhat of a cheerleader for the Hindu-right wing fringe and Swamy’s latest antics seem to be perfectly in sync with that. The film’s director Rajkumar Hirani on Tuesday rejected allegations that the movie was disrespectful to Hinduism and insisted that it projects oneness of humankind.As protests by right-wing groups continue, Hirani has said that he had no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments and maintained that the Aamir Khan-starrer upholds the true spirit of religion while condemning “only the abuse” of it.”I’m deeply saddened and concerned about the protests by some groups against our film PK. On behalf of the entire team of PK, I would like to clarify that we respect all religions and faiths. 52-year-old Hirani, who has made films like the Munnabhai series and 3 Idiots, said there was no intention to hurt anyone through the film and contrary to the objections raised by the groups, his film upholds the concept of oneness of all humans.”Our film is inspired by the ideas of Sant Kabir and Mahatma Gandhi. It is a film, which brings to fore the thought that all humans who inhabit this planet are the same. There are no differences,” he said in a statement. He appealed to the protesting groups to see the film in totality and not just isolated scenes. “Our intention is not to hurt anyone, or to discriminate against any religion. I would once again like to assure them that I have the highest regard towards all religions, and that we respect all religions and faiths.But it is unlikely that this statement will douse the fire and will certainly not make Swamy back off from his tirade.


Subramanian Swamy increases heat on ‘PK’, threatens legal action against Aamir Khan and others