Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday said that he had made the Aamir Khan starrer ‘PK’ tax-free as he wanted more and more people to see the movie. “How many of you have watched this film? If not, I would want you all to watch it. I watched this ‘PK’ film yesterday only and decided to make it tax free as I want more and more people to watch it,” said Yadav. He added that the film’s message must reach everyone’s heart and mind. “The message in this film should reach everyone’s heart and mind. The film has been declared tax-free for those who are spoiling the atmosphere, if they see it once they will praise the film,” he added. Hailing the government’s decision, Samajwadi Party leader Gaurav Bhatia said ‘PK’ had been declared tax free because the movie has a very good message for people of all religions. “It has a message, some ‘dhongi babas’ exploit religious beliefs of people, this should not be done, the government has rightly declared it tax free. There is a very good message in ‘PK’ movie for persons of all religions and it has been declared tax free for this very purpose,” said Bhatia. Earlier today, the Uttar Pradesh Government had made ‘ PK’ entertainment tax-free in the state. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has denied reports that the state government had ordered the police to probe the film following protests by some right wing organisations. Fadnavis reportedly said there was no question of not screening the film after it had been cleared by the Censor Board. The blockbuster film has been under attack from several right-wing organisations who have vandalized several film theatres across the country for screening the film, claiming the film insults Hindu gods and goddesses.

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Would like everyone to watch ‘PK’, says UP CM Akhilesh Yadav