Q: What are the challenges ahead for Narendra Modi and Amit Shah?JC: Modi and Shah have been facing challenges all through… this year the biggest challenge is to win Karnataka and then they will have to form governments in 7 states which are going to polls next… today there are 3-4 major challenges before Modi government… to get rid of agriculture distress, unemployment, third challenge is to make the campaign against black money successful and fourth task is to make GST reform successful. Apart from that getting youth power together is also a big challenge.Q: Is their pair really invincible?JC: Sometimes even people of Congress say that it is tough to defeat the pair of Amit Shah and Modi… in broader terms it can easily be said that the pair is virtually invincible.Q: Is Gujarat’s marginal victory a wake up call for BJP?JC: The victory of Gujarat is a wake up call…BJP and RSS also think so…and you all will see the impact of this in the policies of the party in coming days.Q: Does it seem that there is a trust deficit between Modi government and higher judiciary. How will Prime Minister Narendra Modi handle this challenge…and what are your views on the press conference organised by 4 judges?JC: This is really unfortunate…since the day Modi government has sworn in there have been tiffs with judiciary. This is important to resolve. Meanwhile, to make the matter worse, 4 judges of Supreme Court together held a press conference and levelled allegations against the Chief Justice. They have written a letter to him saying that democracy is under threat. Administration is not functioning properly and the freedom of judiciary is being challenged. We can easily say that there is some kind of mistrust between higher judiciary and Modi government and I believe that Prime Minister should come out with some solution taking the President into confidence.Q: Will Modi-Shah will bring any change in poll strategy in Karnataka after Gujarat?JC: They will not repeat the mistakes in Karnataka they committed in Gujarat. Broadly there are 2-3 things – they may follow policy what they adopted in Gujarat – fielding of candidates by Mayawati and Sharad Pawar. That’s the reason there is no chance of any alliance between Congress and JDS…agenda of Hindutva will also be raked up… we can say that the impact of Gujarat will definitely be visible in the strategy for Karnataka.Q: Will development and Hindutva also be the agenda in Karnataka polls?JC: This is definitely tried and tested formula of BJP…talk about development and rake up the issue of Hindutva. In totality, there will be talk of development in Karnataka. While Hindutva will be main agenda there will be talk of corruption of current government.Q: Has chief minister Siddaramaiah handed over BJP’s favourite topic of Hindu terror? JC: Certainly, Siddaramaiah has voluntarily-involuntarily has said that BJP and RSS are terrorist, then it is certain that Siddaramaiah has handed over an issue to BJP.Q: Will Siddaramaiah turn out to be Sibal and Mani Shankar Aiyar of Karnataka?JC: The blunder Sibal and Manishankar had committed, Siddaramaiah has committed the same by terming BJP as terrorist. And Siddaramaiah and Congress will have to pay the cost.Q: Can Congress win the election in the name of secular Karnataka?JC: The biggest success of BJP is that in last 10 years, it has been able to label the term secular as appeasement of Muslim with the help of RSS…whenever Congress fought election on agenda of Secular V/s Hindutva, BJP won every time. If Congress is trying to make secularism an election issue in Karnataka and 2019 elections, it will be wiped out completely.Q: Will Modi-Shah train their focus completely on elections in Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh after Karnataka? And will there be change in chief minister before elections in these states?JC: After Karnataka, the entire focus of Modi-Amit Shah will be on Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Northeastern states. As far as change in chief ministers in these three states are concerned, I don’t think party is going to change Shivraj Singh, Raman Singh and Vasundhara Raje.Q: Did Mohan Bhagwat express his displeasure over the results of Gujarat in the recently held meeting of RSS in Indore? Was there any clear cut dialogue between Bhagwat and Amit Shah on this issue?JC: Amit Shah and Bhagwat had attended that two-day meeting in Indore. They had this concern that BJP didn’t fare well in Gujarat. RSS didn’t pat the back of Modi after BJP struggled to form government in Gujarat. RSS felt that BJP didn’t take their warning seriously which they had conveyed well before Gujarat elections. Mohan Bhagwat said that BJP should not repeat the mistake of Gujarat in Karnataka.Q: Is Devendra Fadnavis of Maharashtra proving to be a flop chief minister like Khattar of Haryana? Is there any chance of leadership change in Maharashtra before 2019?JC: Fadnavis will have to pay for mishandling of the Dalit agitation. His image has taken a dent. People have raised questions on his working style and media has termed him as a flop chief minister like Khattar. It is being said that when he is not able to take along Shiv Sena with him, neither Dalit nor Marathas are with him and not even OBCs are supporting them why he is still the chief minister? It is being said that delivery is zero. There had been talks of leadership change in high command. But I don’t think there will be any change in Maharashtra.Q: Looking at the growth rate of 6.5%, do you think Indian economy is moving towards depression?JC:I believe GDP growth rate is all game of statistics. Government should focus on the success of grassroots…It may be a challenge for Modi to bring this growth rate to 8-9%, public however is least bothered about this rate.Q: Jagdeesh ji, please tell us in one line what would be the election scenario in 2019 keeping in mind the challenges being faced by Modi-Shah?JC: As far as outcome of 2019 elections is concerned, only a miracle can stop Modi-Shah from coming back to power in 2019.

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