<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>We’ve all heard about giving back to society and nature what we receive from them. And that’s exactly what 31-year-old Krishna Kuya did on January 30. He organised a day-long adventure trek at Karnala, Mumbai, for teenagers who are less privileged. The only aim of the trek was to let the kids have fun and forget their frets. Kuya, who is the founder of Dark Green Adventures, a trekking group, conceptualised the trek in December 2016, as the group completed two years. They started crowdfunding for this trek. “I used social media to crowdfund for this cause. We raised Rs 20,000 for the Karnala trek, which helped me take 20 teenagers for their first trekking experience. Most of my friends helped me in this cause. When I was a teenager, I did not get a chance to explore and go on treks, so I wanted to give these children a memorable experience,” said Kuya.The group of 20 teenagers, mostly from NGO Pratham in Kurla, and NGO Asha in Powai, trekked for four hours, and they believed that their first experience helped them learn a lot. Memichand Bora, 17, who is studying in Class X, said, “We got to learn about team effort and why teamwork is important. This is my first trekking experience. We also learnt about the historical significance of Karnala, and other lessons related to trekking.”Twenty two-year-old Nisar Shaikh, said, “We learned about the importance of helping each other rather than thinking only about ourselves. Karnala is a clean place to trek. So, when we were having food, we collected all the plastic waste and brought it back to the starting point to throw it in dustbins rather than throwing it on our way.”“I am happy to give these children a trekking experience by collecting all the resources for a trek,” shared Kuya.

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This Karnala trek made a difference