<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a long-standing battle against eviction notices issued by the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT), the tenants, lessees, and residential and commercial occupants of MbPT properties have now drawn up a memorandum ofdemands to be presented to the government.The memorandum, drafted by MbPT Viruddhi Sangharsh Samiti (MVSS), an informal umbrella group of MbPT tenants and others formed in 2016, has been given to various political parties for their support before it goes to the government.What has been adding to the worries of the occupants is sporadic news of laws that are being planned that give the MbPT sweeping powers to throw them out of these properties at any given time.Sanjay Bhatia, Chairman MbPT, said that majority of occupants had expired leases. “The land belongs to the Mumbai Port Trust, so in no way is there any injustice done to the tenants. The whole matter is under examination right now so I cannot comment on these developments. All I can say is we have come up with a fair proposal where we plan to undertake renewal and redevelopment.””We are not against smart cities, but at what cost? They cannot just uproot our lives by serving notices. We need an inclusive plan,” said Sabrina Advani, a tenant of an MbPT property in Colaba.At the iconic Radio Club in Colaba, another property under the MbPT”s purview, club president Premal Goragandhi said, “The MbPT is not willing to renew our lease and hasn’t cited any reasons for the same. MbPT wants to make a jetty to attract tourism. The shallow waters, however, are not conducive for a jetty.”Properties in Darukhana are facing a similar situation. “Our building has received eviction notices in 2014 because the rents we were paying to our landlord were not forwarded to MbPT,” Sridhar Shenoy, a resident of Makani Chambers at Darukhana, Reay Road.”I am a third generation resident of this property, but now we live in fear of being thrown out on the streets,” he added.The government has proposed plans to rehabilitate slums in the Darukhana area who have encroached on the land since 2000, but has not devised a plan for residents who have been staying here since the 1940’s.DemandsRenewal of all leases as per the 2004 SC judgmentLease rent as per MbPT’s own Compromise Proposal in the judgment.All leases to be renewed up to March 31st, 2024, with 4% annual increase.All breaches, sub-tenants, actual occupants to be regularised, reinstate those evicted.In cases of default by lessee, provision for sub-tenant or actual occupant to pay directly to MbPT.


Facing eviction, MbPT tenants to approach govt