<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Children with special needs in adoption homes could soon have health cover. Members of the Steering Committee of the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) have requested the Centre to ensure that such children be extended health cover to ensure that more of them are adopted. If implemented, the move will significantly alter the prospects of children in adoption centres who are awaiting a home, as a majority of them have special needs. As per data obtained from CARA, there are over 2,000 children up for adoption, and over 15,000 prospective parents waiting in line for a child.“Of the 2,000 children, over 60% have special needs, with conditions like partial hearing loss, vision loss, squint eye, cleft lip, or conditions which require minor surgeries,” said a health ministry official.He added that most Indian prospective parents prefer to dopt children who are medically fit, and that there have been several cases where individuals have shot off protest letters to Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi because a child with special needs was part of the screening.“Foreign individuals do not create any problems about adopting children with special needs. Over 70% of children with special needs are adopted by parents outside India,” said the official.Avinash Kumar, member of the Steering Committee and founder of the Families of Joy Foundation said that most children with special needs can be treated with minor surgeries. “A lot of them can be helped by adequate medical intervention. As these children languish in orphanages without any medical cover, their development takes a hit, and parents are reluctant to adopt them,” Kumar said.


Special kids may get medical care soon