<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>While exploring the nearby hillock area in the city, a group of students studying archaeology stumbled upon a small cave structure in Kanjur Marg area. While exploring the historic importance of a temple on Hanuman Tekadi, the students heard about a small room underneath it.Sneaking into the hidden space, which locals consider as a room, the group found a small structure of caves that might belong to the 10th century.Excited about the finding, Vinayak Parab, archaeologist, and researcher, said, “There are old staircases and space for two people to sit and meditate. The locals have kept several idols inside and worship them. Similar structures were also found in Mulund near LBS Marg and Bhandup. One of the walls inside is damaged. Since they are similar structures, we think that are from the same group. The research is going on.”Varsha Chatterjee, a student who visited the structure, said, “The locals have no idea about the structure and are considering to be a small room. They don’t know the history of the structure.” While the team of six students, along with Parab, are researching on the finding and around Aarey Colony, they have been exploring similar cave structures on the border of the Aarey colony area on the stretch between Ghatkopar to Mulund.The group presented their research work in the 4th annual workshop on Explorations in Maharashtra held by the Centre for Archaeology, Mumbai University, and ISTUCEN Trust.Speaking about further explorations, Parab, said, “There are possibilities of finding more seven such caves structures on the stretch between Ghatkopar to Mulund in further findings. So far the cave structures are found only in the hillock areas.”Another FeatLast year, a team of students working with Parab found few structures that point to the existence of caves from early medieval times in the Chafe Galli area of Chunabhatti.

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Kanjur Marg caves could date to 10 AD