Senior BJP leader Gaurav Bhata lashed out at Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s remarks that he did not represent the Sunni Waqf board during the Ayodhya hearing.Taking to Twitter, Bhatia shared a series of documents showing Sibal’s role as the lawyer for the Waqf board.Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy also lashed out at Sibal, and demanded that he immediately apologise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Sibal on Wednesday clarified that he never represented Sunni Waqf Board in Supreme Court during the Ayodhya hearing on Tuesday. This clarification comes after both PM Modi and Amit Shah attacked Kapil Sibal for trying to delay the hearing and demanded Congress party to make their stance clear. Amit Shah post Sunni Waqf Board’s statement that they want the case to be heard soon, said that Kapil Sibal was representing Congress view in Supreme Court on the behest of ‘High Command’.However, this is what Kapil Sibal, the man in the eye of the controversy has to say. Speaking to ANI, Sibal said, “Our PM comments without knowing things sometimes. Amit Shah & he said I represented Sunni Waqf Board. I was never a Sunni Waqf Board lawyer”. Regarding the entire controversy, Sibal said that, “Will discussion on my going to the court & representing someone solve serious problems in the country? If yes, then PM should say so. Issuing statements won’t help India in any way. It’ll just take the nation towards controversies”.Kapil Sibal urged PM Modi to be ‘more careful’ and further went on to say, “We believe in the Lord, we don’t believe in you Modi ji. You are not going to build that temple, it will be done when God wants it. The court will decide. Please address the concerns of India. Don’t divide the people of our country like this. You may win perhaps in your mind, but you will lose badly and India will lose if you only care about yourself not India.”
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BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia slams Kapil Sibal’s claims that he didn’t represent Sunni Waqf board with one tweet