Months after the Doklam stand-off resolution, China on Thursday claimed that India ‘invaded’ its airspace.Beijing expressed “strong dissatisfaction” with New Delhi on Thursday after ‘recent crash’ of an Indian drone in what the Chinese military said was Chinese territory.Beijing also said that the ‘incident’ that could cause further friction along the two countries’ disputed border.”This action by India violated China’s territorial sovereignty. We express strong dissatisfaction and opposition,” said Zhang Shuili, a senior military official in China’s western battle zone command, according to a Defence Ministry statement.”China’s border defence forces took a professional and responsible attitude in conducting an inspection of the device,” Zhang said, adding that the military would resolutely defend national sovereignty and security.It said only that the drone crashed in “recent days” and did not give a location.The drone report comes months after the border stand-off near Doklam in Sikkim sector..In June, July and August, Indian and Chinese troops had been confronting each other at the Doklam plateau .The two sides agreed to an “expeditious disengagement” of troops there about a week before Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in an effort to mend ties at a summit hosted by China in September.In November, China again ‘criticised’ a visit by President Ram Nath Kovind to Arunachal Pradesh, which China claims, saying China opposed any activities by Indian leaders in disputed areas.
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Yogi Adityanath


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India drone crashed near our border, invaded our air space, claims China