Sepoy Irfan Ahmad Dar of Shopian chose country over his self. He preferred to die rather than to succumb to the pressure of terrorists in South Kashmir.New details have emerged about the assassination of the 23-year-old off-duty soldier Irfan Ahmad Dar of 175 Territorial Army (TA) by terrorists at Wuthmula village in South Kashmir’s Shopian district on November 25.While one militant has been arrested, three others — including the top commander Sadam Padder — are on the run. Superintendent of Police, Shopian, Ambarkar Shriram Dinkar said terrorists wanted Sepoy Irfan to work for them but he refused which became one of the causes of his assassination. “The terrorists tried to motivate him to work for them. But they could not succeed and ultimately they decided to kill him. Plus security force men are always the target of the militants”, he said.Sepoy Irfan Ahmad Dar, who was on a vacation, had left home at the Senzen village in his car on November 24 but did not return. On November 25 morning, his body, was riddled with bullets, was found in an orchard in the neighbouring Wuthmula village in Shopian district.Investigation conducted so far revealed that four militants — including Saddam Padder, Bilal, Touseef, newly recruited unidentified man and over ground worker (OGW) Muzamil — hatched a conspiracy to kill Sepoy Irfan.Accordingly, Muzamil went to the native village of Sepoy Irfan and took him to a pre-determined spot at Wuthmula where Saddam, Bilal, Touseef and unidentified militant were waiting in the orchard. “They came out from the orchard and fired at the Sepoy Irfan, resulting in instant death of the victim”, said a police spokesman.Based on the hard evidence, police unearthed the entire chain of conspiracy and finally nabbed one of the accused Muzamil. “The lookout for the other three militants is on and necessary legal proceedings are in progress to complete the investigation”, said the spokesman. Superintendent of Police, Shopian said, the killing was carried out jointly by the militants of Lashkar-e-Toiba and Hizbul Mujhadeen.”Two of the terrorists belonged to Hizbul Mujhadeen outfit. Touseef belongs to Lashkar-e-Toiba. Muzamil was an OGW of slain Lashkar militant Waseem Shah. He worked for Saddam Paddar. They had hatched the conspiracy to kill him in the house of Touseef”, said Shriram.A massive hunt has been launched to track down the three terrorists who are on the run. “Either we will arrest them and bring them before the court or they would be eliminated”, said another officer.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Police cracks the murder case of Kashmiri army soldier