Congress on Saturday took to social media to target the government, focussing on its “U-turns” on promises over various issues since it came to power six months ago. The party launched the campaign on Twitter under the theme “#UTurn Sarkar”.The first hashtag “#BJPBlackMoneyDhokha” was posted on the wall of AICC Communication Department Chairman Ajay Maken’s Twitter account in the morning. It began with a catch phrase “six months have passed; It’s U-turn Government (chheh mahine paar; U-turn Sarkar).The AICC leader had yesterday tweeted about the campaign alleging that the BJP government at Centre has “performed at an average, one #UTurn every week”. The party is accusing the Narendra Modi government of going back on its promises.The party has, for last few months, been attacking the NDA government over the issue of blackmoney and rise in food price basket from time to time besides accusing it of failing on economy as well as foreign affairs front.

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Congress takes to social media to target Narendra Modi government, calls it ‘U-Turn Sarkar’