The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) extends help to their SSC and HSC students in every possible way. However, a few recent cases have shown that students are misusing this aid, by faking a fracture and availing of a writer for their exams. What proof is required?If a child meets with an accident and needs the provision of a writer, s/he needs to submit not just medical documents but also a police statement to prove that the accident is genuine. What exactly happened?The latest such instance saw authorities at a reputed South Mumbai college caught two HSC students with fake plasters on their right hands. Since the brothers had brought their own writers and submitted the medical documents at the last moment, the college permitted them to sit the exam.For the next exam, when the college (their exam centre) invited their own writer for both brothers, the two were hesitant. They insisted the college allow them to use their writer, which the centre refused, as per the board rule.The boys complied, but after the exam, both complained that their writers were not cooperative and were therefore, not able to finish their paper. The centre however, informed the duo that the writers were college toppers. How did their deception come to light?A senior official from the college said: “When they initially refused to sit with our writers, we informed the board officials. The officials asked the boys for the police report that they were supposed to submit.”After that, the college official said, that the board authorities pressed the boys for more details about their injuries, but it was revealed that their supposed fractures were not genuine. The official said: “Students should not take advantage of the board, who is there to help them with so many provisions.” Checking the veracity of documentsEchoing the sentiments of the senior official, Mehek Gwalani, vice principal of KC College said: “We have not seen such cases in our college yet. When students with fractures come for exams, we only permit them to sit after checking their medical certificates.”SY Chandekar, secretary of Mumbai divisional board said: “It is true that students come up with fake accidents to avail of the board’s provision of writers. But then again, we are helpless as we cannot make them run around asking for government medical certificates. That may delay their process and waste their time during their board exam. We just appeal them to be genuine.”


Faking a fracture: Brothers caught for seeking writers during exam