At least 15 people were killed and 17 injured in fresh spell of dust and thunderstorm that wreaked havoc in different parts of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday night.Most of deaths were reported due to incidents of house collapse or due to uprooted electric poles and trees in different parts of the state following high-velocity winds at the speed of 50 to 75 km.Six deaths were reported from Sitapur, two each from Gonda, Kannauj, Kaushambi, Hardoi and one from Faizabad. The state is facing extreme weather conditions due to disturbances in North and North-Western regions in the county.While dust and thunderstorm continues to hit the Western, Eastern and Central parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bundelkhand was facing extreme heat conditions. One death was reported from Mahoba and Banda districts where temperature soared to 47 to 48 degrees Celsius.Two girls Komal and Shweta died in Nawabganj area of Gonda district when the tree under which they had taken shelter fell. Four deaths due to house collapse were reported from Sadarpur, Siddhupur and Maholi areas of Sitapur district.The Relief Commissioner Sanjay Kumar has directed all district magistrates to provide immediate relief and financial assistance to the families hit by the fresh spell of dust and thunderstorm.JP Gupta, Director Weather department, said that the state will continue to face extreme weather conditions for next three four days due to the pressure on the North-Western regions in the country. “The state will be hit by dust storms and it will also delay arrival of the monsoon in Uttar Pradesh,” he predicted.
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Freak dust storm kills 15 in Uttar Pradesh, Met gives extreme weather warning