Alarmed by reports of NRI husbands deserting wife shortly after husbands, the government is looking to crackdown on such practices. According to media reports, it is looking at measures to stifle such persons economically so that it becomes a deterrent to the practice of leaving one’s wife in foreign shores shortly after marriage. The plans include confiscation of husband’s share in joint properties. Group of ministers are looking at set of measures which can be taken to stop such practices. Such reports of NRI husbands turning out to be deserters have come particularly from Punjab. It is well known that Punjabis comprise a large part of overseas Indian diaspora population too.In case a husband is a deserter and has avoided summons, that record would be logged in a proposed website documenting such cases. It would help to nab such offenders. Also revocation of passport for people who go missing are on cards. Registration of NRI marriages within 2 days of the marriage is also being fast-tracked. Many of the senior ministers in the Modi government are looking for means to crackdown on practices which put women through difficulties. However, there are certain bridges to be crossed before these proposals get a legal framework. According to the report, passport, CrPC code and marriage registration act have to be changed accordingly for these set of proposals to be legally valid.


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Govt looking to crackdown economically on absconding ‘NRI husbands’