The Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), already marred with infighting, on Thursday lost its silverware as the state sport council took the charge of the SMS Stadium along with North, South pavilions. The orders for the same were issued by the department of youth affairs and sports.Expressing shock, RCA president CP Joshi said that as per high court orders they had formed a committee to negotiate with the sports council and he finds it strange that locks have been put on the doors of the association.“We have a committee in place and we are scheduled to meet sports council members to discuss the issue. We have spent Rs 4 crore on the stadium and it was done not just for IPL but keeping in mind every tournament. So this is unfair on the sports council’s part to take such a stand.” Rajasthan High Court had asked to form a committee to renew the MoU after negotiating on the outstanding amount of Rs 29 crore quoted by the sports council, Mahendra Nahar, RCA joint secretary said. “It is a huge sum and we are not capable of paying it. Moreover, about 10 days ago we had sent a letter for renewal of MoU,” he added. The MoU between RCA and sports council expired on February 10 but Joshi after assuming office as RCA’s president did not even once meet sports minister or sports secretary.HC intervened and asked to extend the date till the IPL gets over. So, the MoU was extended till May 19. Two letters were shot to RCA regarding the issue after the date seeking a report on what works were carried out by the RCA in the period of 5 years, but no response came other than that of RCA secretary RS Nandu’s letter that cited inefficiency in running the association given the ongoing friction between the two groups in RCA, said source close to sports council.
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Infighting within ranks: Rajasthan Cricket Association loses ground to sports council