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Delhi Police are yet to make any headway in the daring ATM heist in North Delhi in which a security guard was killed, even as investigations reveal glaring security lapses on part of the cash replenishment agency.Although police has so far questioned more than 100 people including the remaining staff of the cash van, locals and other employees of the cash replenishment agency but they have not achieved a breakthrough as yet. As many as 10 teams are working to crack the case, including the Special Cell and Crime Branch. Most of the CCTVs in the area could not capture the incident and the only footage available to the police are the one from the camera inside the Citibank ATM and the second which was shot by a student from his mobile phone.”The CCTV footage of inside the ATM shows lapse on part of custodians as they did not send out the two customers who were already inside the ATM. In the footage there are around five persons present inside the ATM including the guard,” a police official said. According to the police, there is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for carrying large amount of cash for ATM refilling which was not followed by the company Scientific Systems Management Services.”The biggest blunder was that two customers remained inside the ATM booth when the two custodians went in with the suitcase to refill the machine with cash. They were there when the loot actually took place. The shutter of the ATM has to be lowered while the cash is filled into it but this too was not followed,” the official added. Investigators are also trying to draw a parallel with a similar robbery that took place in Gurgaon few days back.”The modus operandi in that robbery was the same as the robbers had shot at the security guard. In fact, they had also used the same Pulsar 220 CC bike in that robbery which was used in yesterday’s incident. We are studying the CCTV footage of the Gurgaon heist to see if we can find any clues in it,” a senior official privy to the investigations said.he attackers had used .32 bore bullets which was recovered from the deceased guard’s body.According to the police, the incident took place near North Campus of Delhi University around 11 AM yesterday when two custodians of the cash van, belonging to a private cash replenishment company, were in the process of refilling money into a Citibank ATM machine at Bungalow Road.

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No breakthrough yet in over Rs 1 crore ATM heist in North Delhi