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The Manipur Tourism Department organises the Sangai festival in Imphal every year to showcase the state’s rich cultural heritage, bio-diversity and ethnicity.The annual festival aims to promote Manipur as a world class tourism destination and showcase the best of what it has to offer to the world in terms of art, culture, eco-adventure opportunities, food, handicraft, sports and natural beauty.The ten-day long cultural extravaganza, known earlier as the Manipur Tourism Festival, was renamed Manipur ‘Sangai Festival’ earlier in 2010 to popularise ‘Sangai’ – a rare species of deer found in the state.Azaruddin, a visitor here, said the people come together during such events. “People from Manipur as well as outside the state come here and have a good time. It is a matter of pride for Manipur. If they continue doing such events every year than Manipur will progress. People from all over the country, irrespective of their religion and community come together during such festivals and enjoy,” he said.Various ethnic tribes of the state showcased their indigenous handicraft and hand loom items. Handmade traditional attires, jewellery, decorative items and household products were greatly appreciated by the visitors.Mukul Chaudhury, a resident of Imphal, said that the handicraft products on display during this festival are very beautiful. “This is really beneficial as it showcases the beauty, culture and traditions. People from different communities come here and showcase their handicraft works which is very beautiful,” said Chaudhury.”It promotes our production. We have more sales and income. Tourists will be attracted more and these products can be exposed to other parts of the country and foreign countries as well,” added Chapou Dai Dangmei, another resident of Imphal.The visitors also got a chance to savour a variety of indigenous food. Artists from different tribes enthralled the audience with their performances like the warrior dance of the Maring tribe, Khukhuri dance of the Nepalese and Naga folk song and dance from Zeilangrong.

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Sangai festival to be held to promote Manipur’s cultural heritage